Mode Comfort & Air Quality is pleased to announce that we have again received the honor of being voted one of “The Best” HVAC companies in Richmond in the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s annual survey. We thank you, our customers, for voting for us! We appreciate your continued support.

If you have been putting off adding germicidal UV light technology to your home or business HVAC system, this latest news should be all the information you need to make the final decision.

Mode has been installing UV lights the entire time we have been in business. We have always believed in this product to keep our customers’ homes and businesses as healthy as they can be.

Read FreshAire’s Test Results Here

Not sold on UV light technology but would like to breathe clean air? Read about your other options here.

Please call us at 804-481-6633 for more information. Installation is quick and easy and you will be surprised how affordable it is to take your living environment to the next level of safety.

Mode is pleased to announce that Tyler Fishburne has completed Mode’s Apprentice Level 1 requirements and has been promoted to Apprentice Level 2!
Tyler is a graduate of Prince Edward County High School and attended Southwest Virginia Community College. He joined Mode in June 2020.
Tyler is learning HVAC skills from the best in the business (David, Jason & Todd), and we have great expectations for his future with Mode. And according to our customers, he’s already got the client service skills part perfected!
Congratulations, Tyler!
Mode Comfort & Air Quality is pleased to announce that Jake Ellis has completed his Apprentice Level 1 requirements and has been promoted to Apprentice Level 2!
Jake is a graduate of Cosby High School and joined Mode this past June, where he has been diligently learning the HVAC trade from our expert technicians.
Please join us in congratulating Jake on his accomplishment.

Jake Ellis

Jake Ellis Promoted to Apprentice Level 2

Have you joined Mode’s Fan Club yet? The Fan Club is our VIP program that comes with several benefits. Most notably, membership includes TWO preventative maintenance checks per year.
For those of you who like math:
Let’s say you have one HVAC unit in your home. To join the Fan Club would cost $19.95 per month (or $239.40 annually). This amount includes two preventative maintenance visits per year.
Preventative maintenance visits cost $156 each ($69 service call fee plus $87 inspection fee). Two per year would total $312. So, if you are person who likes your spring and fall system checks, the Mode Fan Club more than pays for itself with just this benefit alone.
Since math is fun, let’s see what happens if you have two systems in your home. The Fan Club for two systems is $29.90 per month (or $358.80 annually). Preventative maintenance visits for two systems cost $243 each ($69 service call fee plus $87 inspection fee per unit). Two maintenance visits per year would be $486. We don’t completely get the “new math” being taught today, but we’re pretty sure that $486 is still more than $358.80.
In addition to saving on your preventative maintenance visits, you will receive other perks and discounts. Please visit our Fan Club page to learn more and sign up. Even if you don’t like math, you will like the cool Fan Club membership card that we will send you after you join.