HVAC Inspections

One service provided by Mode Comfort & Air Quality that is surging in demand is HVAC home inspections. Often, during the home buying or selling process, a home inspection takes place. Most home inspectors are not licensed HVAC contractors, so an additional HVAC inspection is needed. 

We have also found that we are increasingly asked to perform HVAC inspections on homes that are not being bought or sold. Many homeowners are interested in how they can increase efficiency and lower costs, and we are happy to make recommendations on how to do so.

The costs for an HVAC inspection is $187 for one system and an additional $98 for each additional system.

What Happens During an HVAC Home Inspection?

Sometimes we are asked to perform just an AC inspection, air duct inspection, or other specific request, which we are happy to do. But, more often, we perform a full HVAC home inspection. During the HVAC inspection, we check 56 points of the home’s HVAC-related equipment. This can include:

  • Air Conditioning Inspection

  • Heat Pump Inspection

  • Testing of the Thermostat(s)

  • Duct Work / Air Duct Inspection

  • Furnace Inspection

  • Air Handler Inspection

The technician will give the HVAC system an overall pass, caution or failing grade. Suggestions will be made in the following categories:

  • Need to do: Recommendation to fix the initial problem and get the system operating.
  • Should do: Recommendations to bring the system back up to manufacturer specifications and help avoid future repairs.
  • Could do: Recommendations to achieve higher efficiency, comfort, and peace of mind.

Upon request, the technician can also give you an estimate to perform the work that is needed.

What Else Can an HVAC Inspection Find?

The Mode technician handling your HVAC home inspection will be able to make recommendations on related areas and suggest contractors qualified to do the needed work. This can include:

  • Crawl space encapsulation
  • Duct cleaning
  • Chimney cleaning
  • Mold remediation
  • Moisture issues
  • Extermination needs (bugs, bats, etc.)

We also suggest after your basic home inspections and your HVAC inspections, that you hire one member of each trade to also inspect the home: roofer, electrician, plumber and a general contractor.

Locations We Serve

We perform HVAC inspections for real estate agents, real estate agencies, real estate brokers, and buyers and sellers in homes and businesses across Richmond, Henrico, Midlothian, Chester and Chesterfield,  Powhatan and Moseley. The following locales are our most frequently served—if you need help, we may already be close by!

  • Richmond, Bon Air, Manchester and Tuckahoe, VA 23225 /23235 / 23229
  • Moseley, VA 23120
  • Midlothian, VA 23113 and 23114
  • Powhatan, VA 23139
  • Chesterfield, VA 23832
  • Woodlake, VA 23112
  • Short Pump, Glen Allen, Innsbrook and Laurel VA, 23060

Comprehensive Inspection Checklist

During an HVAC inspection, Mode will check the following items. These items are also checked during a Fan Club preventative maintenance checkup:

Contact Mode Today to Schedule an HVAC Inspection

You can call us at 804-481-6633 or email us at admin@modecomfort.com to set up an HVAC home inspection.

Interested in Regular HVAC Inspections?

Join the Mode Fan Club and Get TWO Preventative Maintenance Check-ups Each Year!

HVAC inspections cost $187 for one system and $98 per each additional system. To join the Fan Club would cost $19.95 per month (or $239.40 annually). This amount includes two preventative HVAC inspection visits per year, which would regularly cost $374. 

If you have two HVAC systems in your home, the Fan Club would cost $29.90 per month (or $358.80 annually). Preventative maintenance HVAC inspection visits for two systems cost $285 each. Two maintenance visits per year would be $570, quite a bit more than $358.80.

In addition to two HVAC inspections each year, Fan Club membership gets you reduced service call fees ($49 instead of $89) and a 15% discount on our menu pricing items.

Mode Comfort & Air Quality is open extended hours to suit your busy schedule. No extra charge for night or weekend service calls or installations.

So, if you are person who likes your spring and fall HVAC inspections, the Mode Fan Club more than pays for itself with just this benefit alone. Join today!

PLEASE NOTE: Inspections, including Fan Club inspections do NOT include the cleaning of boilers, furnaces, water heaters, etc. If the technician notes that one of your pieces of equipment needs to be cleaned, he will let you know while he is there and give you a cost for the cleaning.