Why is my AC blowing hot air in my house?

It is hot out there, and it is getting hotter. Air conditioning used to be a luxury, but it is now essential to our comfort and health, especially in central Virginia. What happens when your air conditioner stops cooling your home and starts blowing hot air instead? Read on to learn more about the causes […]


Winter is a season you either love or hate. Whether you smile or roll your eyes when the forecast includes snow, we all appreciate opening the door to our warm and cozy homes. What temperature on your thermostat is warm and cozy? That answer is influenced by several elements. Outside temperature, inside humidity, your comfort […]

If you’ve gotten to know your Mode Comfort & Air Quality technician on a first name basis, you might want to think about a new air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace. You know we appreciate your business, but sending us invites to your summer barbecue might indicate we are fixing your old HVAC system too […]

Everything is going up these days, and that includes the temperature. Especially during sweltering summer months, our air conditioners are essential to keeping cool. Many factors contribute to how well your air conditioner functions including size, age, and maintenance history. Mode Comfort & Air Quality offers these suggestions for identifying an underperforming system and improving […]

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. That concept keeps the service industry in business, but you likely integrate preventative maintenance into your everyday life without thinking about it. You get the oil changed on your car to keep it running. You go to the doctor for annual physicals to stay healthy. You put on […]

Autumn is coming to an end here in Virginia, and old man winter is already knocking on the door. As you are pulling out your heavy coats and cozy sweaters, don’t forget that your HVAC system also needs to be ready for colder temperatures. Here are some HVAC maintenance tips to get your system winter […]