I am going to address a subject that is somewhat polarizing among realtors and tradesmen alike:  home inspections. This blog, like all of my blogs, are my opinions only and based on my 25 years of HVAC experience.   A thorough home inspection can save you money big time when purchasing a home. A good […]

Your HVAC system just died. Now you have the daunting task of finding the right contractor to replace it. Unfortunately, this is when most people begin their crash course into the mind-numbingly boring world of HVAC.  Since there is nothing really that interesting, sexy or remotely entertaining about heating and air conditioning, most people only […]

Home sellers often offer a home warranty to the buyer as an extra incentive because they can be easily acquired and provide buyers with added peace of mind when making a large purchase.   Home warranties are “supposed” to cover any repairs your home will need over the term of the warranty policy and they […]

Contractor referral services may appear to be free for the consumer, but you still pay, just indirectly. Even the pay referral services charge the contractors for your information. Contractor referral services such as Home Advisor (formerly Service Magic) HACOA, Angie’s List, Upwork, Porch, and the hundreds of others out there all charge the contractors for your […]

When we go to a client’s home to quote an equipment replacement, here are the things we look at:   What is the type and size of the equipment currently installed, if any? Why are we replacing the equipment? Is it because it is old and the client is being proactive (not usually the case)? […]

Richmond, VA—October 23, 2015—Premier central Virginia-based HVAC company, Mode Comfort & Air Quality, has been named one of the Richmond, Virginia, areas fastest growing companies. Companies were ranked by average annual revenue growth percentage from 2012 to 2014. Mode was ranked #6 in the Under $1,000,000 Revenue category, with 46% growth over that time period. […]