Get VIP Preventative Maintenance when you join the Mode Fan Club

Are you a fan of Mode? Become a Mode Fan Club Member!

A machine that increases the quality of your life isn’t one that should be ignored. Just like your car needs oil changes and tune-ups, your HVAC system needs regular maintenance, too. Without it, small problems can lead to breakdowns and major repairs. But with regular maintenance, your system will last much longer and run at peak efficiency—which can save you money, time and frustration in the long run.  

Here’s the main perk to joining in a nutshell: Let’s say you have one HVAC unit in your home. To join the Fan Club would cost $19.95 per month (or $239.40 annually). This amount includes two preventative maintenance visits per year. Preventative maintenance visits cost $187 each. Two per year would total $374. So, if you are a person who likes your spring and fall system checks, the Mode Fan Club more than pays for itself with just this benefit alone.

PLEASE NOTE: Inspections, including Fan Club inspections do NOT include the cleaning of boilers, furnaces, water heaters, etc. If the technician notes that one of your pieces of equipment needs to be cleaned, he will let you know while he is there and give you a cost for the cleaning. For a comprehensive list of items completed on a HVAC inspection, click here.

Fan Club Member Perks

  • Two complete preventative maintenance & precision tune-ups per unit per year

    to keep your system running at peak performance

  • Safety inspections

    on all system components

  • VIP access

    to Mode technicians

  • Money saving discounts

    including 15% off on parts, labor, and refrigerant…not to mention $49 service calls!

Why Should You Join the Club?

  • When your system runs at peak efficiency, you can save big by cutting heating and cooling bills
  • Safety inspections spot unnecessary wear and tear to avoid surprise breakdowns and extend system lifespans
  • Get priority access to Mode HVAC technicians
Starting at $19.95/month