Programmable Thermostats

Save on your energy bills with a programmable thermostat from Mode Comfort. According to the government site,, the average household spends more than $2,000 a year on energy bills, nearly half of which goes to heating and cooling costs. You could save about $180 a year (that’s like one month of free electricity each year) by having Mode install a programmable thermostat. All that is required on your part is properly maintaining the settings you decide upon with your Mode technician. Start seeing cost savings right away!

Programmable Thermostats

Which Thermostat is right for you?

There are essentially three variations to choose from: the 7-day, 5+2-day, or the 5-1-1-day. Which one you choose should be based upon your family’s schedule. The family that has a set work/school/home schedule will require a different model than a retired couple who have different activities each day of the week.

7-day models are best if your daily schedule tends to change daily. Perhaps you work two days a week or your youngest goes to preschool three half-days a week. A 7-day model will be the most flexible, and let you set different programs for different days, usually with four possible temperature periods per day.

5+2-day models use the same schedule every weekday, and another for weekends, which works well for those with set schedules during the week, but who vary in their weekend activities.

Please note that you can override any programmed setting, but Mode advises you to stick as closely to the set schedule as possible to reap the maximum benefits. And don’t forget, if you have more than one heating and cooling zone, you will need a programmable thermostat for each.

Call Mode today to upgrade to a programmable thermostat. Prices start at $299, and you will start seeing the cost savings right away!

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