Must read ! How to Prepare for Your HVAC Installation

If you’ve gotten to know your Mode Comfort & Air Quality technician on a first name basis, you
might want to think about a new air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace. You know we appreciate your business, but sending us invites to your summer barbecue might indicate we are fixing your old HVAC system too often. If parts keep giving out on your old air conditioner or if your furnace was installed in the last century, it is likely time for Mode to install a new one. But, please keep the barbeque invites coming.

Our professionals consider the size of your home and your budget while addressing your concerns about efficiency and sustainability. With your new quality A/C, you are going to save money on your utility bills and enjoy the cooling and relaxing respite from that summer heat. After you receive that exciting call that Mode Comfort & Air Quality experts are on the way to install your new HVAC system, what comes next?

Here are some important helpful steps you can take to help prepare for your new HVAC

1. Start Clean and Fresh.

If needed, strongly consider having your air ducts cleaned before your installation. Your air quality will be improved, and your new system can work more efficiently without having to blow around those unwanted contaminants. Your Mode technician can let you know if your ducts would benefit from a good cleaning and can suggest a company to take care of that for you.

2.Make Certain our Technicians have the room to work.

This includes moving furniture away from the work area both inside and outside your home. Installers need direct
access to your existing HVAC system and electrical panel. A clear and easy path goes a
long way to making the process as efficient as possible. This often requires the homeowner to clear a path in the attic, if the indoor unit is housed there.

3.Make Certain the outside area is also free of obstruction.

The outside unit works best when it is unobstructed and in some shade. Try to clear the yard at least three or four
feet around where the unit will be placed. Once installed, don’t plant anything too close
to the condenser for optimum performance.

4.Make Certain your furry friends are somewhere else.

While we know your hundred-pound boxer, Mr. Fuzzy Pants, is eager to learn the HVAC trade, it will help our
technicians if he is safely away locked in another room or off the premises completely.
The same goes for Oscar the tuxedo cat who just wants to watch. Mode Comfort & Air
Quality is there to complete a high-quality job, and we really appreciate the opportunity
to do so without stepping over your bearded dragon, Wanda. But, we are happy to play with any and all critters once we are finished with the installation.

5.Make Certain to Schedule your installation

when you can be home without a lot of distraction. If you have young children, schedule your A/C installation when they are at School or out of the house for the day. Most A/C installations are completed within one day, and we work diligently to make the process as stress free as possible.

When our awesome installers are onsite and ready to work, here is a quick look at how the process works:

Your existing air conditioning system will be disassembled and removed. Any existing duct system is inspected and new ducts are added or replaced if deemed necessary (if ductwork was included in your estimate).Installation site is prepared to support your new A/C unit. Every Mode installation includes a
new equipment pad underneath your new unit.

Full installation of your new air conditioner happens next. Inside and outside of your home,electrical connections, coolant lines, condensers and coils are all put into place with precision. Our professional installers handle the installation process flawlessly, and the entire process is efficient, environmentally conscious, and comprehensive. We even include new thermostat. Don’t worry, you can keep your old one if you are attached to it.

Once connections are made, we test the unit to make sure the air flow and temperature are just what they are supposed to be. We clean up and we leave you to enjoy your new system. All old equipment from the jobsite is recycled and may be picked up by a refuse procurement specialist for handling. This service is included in your estimate.

Now you know how to get ready for your new A/C installation and what to expect when Mode Comfort & Air Quality arrives at your home or business to complete the installation process. Our overriding goal is to provide you amazing service before, during and after the HVAC installation process, and continue to provide this same quality of service for maintenance and repair for years to come. You don’t have to take our word for it. We encourage our customers to get two or three bids for HVAC replacement, so you understand all of your options. We know you will choose Mode Comfort & Air Quality. Here’s why:

Mode Comfort & Air Quality has fully licensed and insured technicians. It is important to know that the workers you let into your home know their business and respect you enough toprotect your safety as well as their own. Mode owner, G. Todd Rice, is a recognized Master tradesman including Master HVAC, Master Gasfitter, Master Natural Gas, and Master Liquid Propane. He even holds a Class A contractor’s license. The entire Mode team represents the best in the business, and you deserve nothing less.

Mode Comfort & Air Quality is locally owned and operated, not part of an impersonal chain. We are involved in our community and are proud to serve the HVAC needs of Richmond, Powhatan, Midlothian, Chesterfield, Moseley and surrounding areas.

Mode Comfort & Air Quality has award-winning service and repair for your HVAC needs.Style Weekly has recognized us as a “Best of Richmond” winner for many years; we have placed in the top for the The Richmond-Times Dispatch’s “The Best” awards several times; and we’ve also won the NextDoor Neighborhood Favorite status multiple times. We’ve earned an A+ rating with the BBB and the trust of many repeat customers. Just check our Google reviews. When you need an air conditioner contractor, Mode Comfort & Air Quality is the one to call.

For the best A/C services in the greater Richmond area, Mode Comfort & Air Quality fills every
need from basic HVAC maintenance to complex A/C repairs and total system replacement. We
are your source for your indoor comfort and air quality. Don’t get hot over a broken A/C, call or text Mode Comfort & Air Quality today at (804) 481-6633.

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