HVAC system

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. That concept keeps the service industry in business, but you likely integrate preventative maintenance into your everyday life without thinking about it. You get the oil changed on your car to keep it running. You go to the doctor for annual physicals to stay healthy. You put on a coat to prevent being cold in the winter weather. Preventative maintenance also benefits your HVAC system.

Your heating and cooling system is an expensive and vital part of your home. It is a complex system of electrical components, ducts and moving parts that operate 24/7. There are real consequences to long periods of neglect in your HVAC system as components get dirty, worn and out of alignment. At Mode Comfort & Air Quality, we understand your HVAC system directly affects your quality of life. We’ve compiled this list of seven reasons that regular service to your HVAC system is not only important, it is essential.

You may be forcing your equipment to work harder than it was designed to do.

Your HVAC system is designed to heat and cool your home efficiently. Over time, dust and debris coats coils and fins and makes your system work harder to maintain a comfortable home. This increased workload can also create more wear and tear and shorten the life of your equipment. Home and business owners can help keep their HVAC system running well by changing filters and scheduling regular service with Mode Comfort & Air Quality. During a scheduled maintenance visit, our expert technicians make sure that your unit is clean and working properly.. During preventative maintenance visits, we can also take care of minor problems before they become major ones.

You’re creating increased friction and poor airflow.

Friction is generated when air is forced to push against itself reducing forward momentum. Your system must work harder when the flow of air is impeded. This can be caused by improperly aligned ducts, closed registers and vents and clogged filters. A broken or malfunctioning fan can also reduce airflow.

Inspection and lubrication of moving parts is an important part of preventative HVAC maintenance. This will help prevent wear and tear on your system resulting from reduced airflow. Extend the life of your HVAC system and keep it going strong today with professional maintenance that keeps the air flowing.

You could be invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty.

The manufacturer of your HVAC system provides a maintenance schedule for your equipment. If you are unsure of what is required of your system, Mode Comfort & Air Quality can help. The warranty on your HVAC system relies on regular maintenance of its parts. Any major neglect of routine maintenance could invalidate the unit’s warranty. Make certain that you keep your unit maintained.

You may be paying more for energy than you need to.

Even top of the line energy efficient HVAC systems won’t save you money if you don’t keep them maintained. If your system has to work harder, you will be using more gas or electric to keep the temperature in your home comfortable. More usage means less money in your wallet. HVAC maintenance impacts both your energy bills and your comfort level. You need to make sure that you keep the unit cleaned, aligned, lubricated, and repaired for it to perform at its peak energy efficiency.

You might reduce the comfort level in your home.

The sole reason for you to have an HVAC system is comfort. You want to be warm and cozy in winter months and cool in sticky summer months. An ill-maintained HVAC system will begin to lose its capacity to perform. You might notice that you need to adjust the temperature more often. You might notice your system is working harder. Don’t let a struggling furnace or air conditioner suck up power in an effort to function well. Simple maintenance tasks will get your HVAC system back in peak performance mode and get you as comfortable as the day it was installed.

You might increase indoor air pollution.

Changing your filters is only a part of maintaining air quality in your home or business.  A dirty system can bring dust, mold, and allergens into the rooms of your home. This aggravates allergies and can be bad for people with compromised immune systems. One simple way to enjoy clean air and better health is to keep your HVAC system properly maintained.

You are at risk for more expensive emergency calls.

When you skip the recommended maintenance of your HVAC system, chances are good that you will be calling for emergency service at inopportune times. Wouldn’t you rather prevent the need for more expensive emergency calls? It is definitely less expensive to call us for scheduled maintenance throughout the year than emergency service.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance at Your Convenience

Our preventative maintenance is comprehensive. During inspections, our technicians can check refrigerant levels and inspect for leaks, clean condenser coils to ensure proper air flow, check gas connections for leaks, tighten all electrical connections, lubricate all moving parts, test thermostat to make sure it’s cycling the system on and off properly and more. Schedule your appointment at your convenience. You will save money and stress.

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