Heat Pump Installation and Repair

In the market to replace your current heat pump? Mode Comfort & Air Quality’s customer service, attention to detail, and HVAC expertise is hard to beat. What’s more, we truly stand behind our work. All heat pump installations performed by Mode come with:

A two-year labor warranty

A 10-year factory warranty on the equipment

A 60-day money-back guarantee

What is a Heat Pump and What Does it Do?

Very simply, a heat pump is both a heating and cooling system. It works by taking heat from the air and pumping it into another location (hence the name “heat pump”), either inside our outside of your home.

How Does Cooling Mode Work?

During warm weather (and in central Virginia, we know this can be anywhere from March to October), your heat pump removes heat from inside and pumps it outside, which cools your home. This process is similar to that of a central air conditioner, in which a compressor pumps refrigerant to and from the indoor air handler and outdoor compressor.

How Does Heating Mode Work?

During the cold weather, your heat pump will act as a heater, thanks to a reversing valve. Heat is absorbed from the outside air and is circulated through your home.

Why Consider a Heat Pump Installation?

  • A heat pump both heats and cools

  • A heat pump moves heat but does not create heat

  • Energy efficient

  • Low maintenance

  • Parts are easy to procure

  • Reliable

  • All electric, and can be powered by solar or other alternative energy sources

  • Versatile

  • Low operating costs

What Should I Know About SEER & HSPF when Considering a Heat Pump Installation?

On a seasonal basis, The Department of Energy requires all air conditioning and heating equipment manufacturers to evaluate and rate the efficiency of their equipment. These ratings are known as the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (“SEER”) for air conditioners and the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (“HSPF”) for heating equipment.

Because they are both heaters and air conditioners, heat pumps use both numbers. The higher the SEER or HSPF rating, the more efficient the heat pump will be…and the more costly.

The majority of the units we sell are 14 SEER, but we sell up to 20. The Mode technician handling the estimate for your heat pump installation can help you decide which ratings are best for your situation.

Mode’s Picks for your Heat Pump Installation

While we can install and repair any brand of heat pump, Mode prefers Ruud and Bosch equipment for most situations.


Mode Comfort & Air Quality is pleased to offer Ruud’s line up of air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces and split systems, which feature super-efficient technology for energy savings year-round. But energy efficiency isn’t everything–especially if it comes with frequent servicing and repairs. Ruud systems are built to last, using industry-best components like the Copeland® Compliant Scroll® Compressor.

When the weather gets hot or cold, you don’t want to worry about your HVAC system or your utility bills. Ruud’s total heating and cooling solutions offer complete peace of mind.


Mode is proud to offer Bosch’s heat pump systems, which provide comfort at the push of a button.

For both heating and cooling, Bosch systems are known for precise temperature control and whisper quiet operation. The key is Bosch’s inverter-driven pumps. Conventional heat pumps cycle on and off, allowing temperatures and humidity to fluctuate, especially in frigid temperatures. Bosch’s variable speed inverters are able to self-adjust, even when temperatures fall far below freezing.

Bosch systems optimize energy consumption, using just the right amount to keep your home at the perfect temperature. And because temperature isn’t the only ingredient for home comfort, Bosch uses the latest sound dampening and isolating technology for the quietest systems on the market.

Brands We Sell

Locations We Serve

We repair, replace and install heat pumps at homes and businesses across Richmond, Henrico, Midlothian, Chester, Moseley, Powhatan and Chesterfield. The following areas are our most frequently served—if you need help, we may already be in your neighborhood!

  • Moseley, VA 23120
  • Midlothian, VA 23113 and 23114
  • Powhatan, VA 23139
  • Woodlake, VA 23112
  • Richmond, Bon Air, Manchester and Tuckahoe, VA 23225 /23235 / 23229
  • Glen Allen, Short Pump, Innsbrook and Laurel VA, 23060
  • Chesterfield, VA 23832

Does Mode Provide Heat Pump Service?

All Mode technicians are experienced in making heat pump repairs on a variety of makes and models. 

Does Mode have a Maintenance Program for Heat Pump Service?

Yes! Mode’s Fan Club is a preventative maintenance program that comes with two preventative maintenance check-ups per year. The annual fee is $239.40 for one heat pump and $358.80 for two. The Fan Club also comes with a 15% discount on our menu pricing that can come in handy when you need heat pump repairs.