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Everything is going up these days, and that includes the temperature. Especially during sweltering summer months, our air conditioners are essential to keeping cool. Many factors contribute to how well your air conditioner functions including size, age, and maintenance history. Mode Comfort & Air Quality offers these suggestions for identifying an underperforming system and improving air conditioner efficiency while saving you money.

Signs Your Air Conditioner is Not at Peak Performance


  • Increasing energy bills. If you’ve noticed an unexpected jump in your electric bill, it might be because your air conditioner is trying harder to cool your home. With age and improper maintenance, your air conditioner has to run more often to maintain the same temperature.
  • Frequent cycling. Have you noticed your cooling system turning on and off more often than normal? This is another sign of AC malfunction. The thermostat may be to blame, as debris and usage wear on the internal parts. It also may result from problems with your compressor.
  • Ice build-up. If you have noticed ice building up on your air conditioning unit, it could be from a leak in the coolant line or damaged coils. It also may result from a dirty filter. Ice is a definite sign that your air conditioner is misbehaving.
  • Sounds out of the ordinary. Over time, you become accustomed to the sounds your HVAC makes. The first time you notice an unusual sound from the air conditioner, turn it off. This will prevent any further damage from occurring. Then contact the HVAC experts at Mode Comfort & Air Quality to get your system humming again.

When your air conditioner is not working at its best, it is very important to have professionals inspect and repair your air conditioner. In Midlothian, Mode Comfort & Air Quality is the only company you need to know. We have the experience to fix it right the first time. Just check out our reviews to see how our service is second to none. Once your air conditioner is back in tip-top shape, there are steps you can take to keep it operating well.

Tips to Keep Cool, Save Money and Keep Your AC Humming


  • Change the filter.A dirty filter is the most common reason air conditioners lose efficiency. When you forget to change your filter, dirt and debris clog the filter adding resistance and reducing airflow. It is an inexpensive and easy way to extend the life of your AC.
  • Check your vents.Make sure your vents are open and unblocked to maximize airflow. Vacuum them and consider professional vent cleaning if you have high traffic, pets or if you have allergy concerns.
  • Close your windows and doors to the outside.You can lose a lot of energy with an open window or door. Almost 70% of your energy costs during the summer months come from your air conditioner. Don’t crack the window and forget about it. Let the AC do its job well by keeping those doors and windows closed.
  • Close the blinds.Keeping the sun out of your home is an obvious way to lower the inside temperature. When the sun streams through your windows, keep the curtains or blinds closed on that side. You will have a measurable difference in your comfort and bills with this one simple tip.
  • Consider opening interior doors.Cooling your entire house is easier when airflow is unobstructed. You might find one room very cold and the rest of the house a bit warmer if you obstruct airflow.
  • Seal air leaks.Air can leak out of your home around windows and doors, and also through the attic or crawl space. Take steps to seal areas where you know your air is getting out.
  • Check the location of your thermostat.This is an overlooked factor in heating and cooling your home. If the sun shines directly on it, your system will work overtime to cool your home. Keep heat-producing appliances like your oven or dryer away from your thermostat also.
  • Set the temperature on your thermostat higher.We may really want the house to be a cool 68 degrees, but that is likely not possible on days where outside temperatures are over 100. Your air conditioner can probably cool about 15-20 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature outdoors. The US Department of Energy says the sweet spot for most air conditioners is 78 degrees.
  • Pay attention to the condenser unit outside.Clean around it to make sure it is free and clear of any debris. Keep it shaded also so it won’t have to work harder to lower the temperature in your home.
  • Pay attention to the mechanisms inside.In addition to changing the filter, keep the drain line clear, too. When the drain line becomes blocked, it can cause serious efficiency issues.
  • Schedule regular preventative maintenance.This is the most important part of saving money and extending the life of your entire HVAC system. It prevents major problems from occurring and keeps your family cool and safe no matter the season.


Mode Comfort & Air Quality wants to be your source for HVAC system repair and replacement. We offer convenient appointments. Save money, save stress, and save your comfort! Call Mode Comfort & Air Quality today at (804) 481-6633 to keep cool all summer long.