Revolutionary New A/C Sealant

Cliplight Manufacturing Co. has served the automotive and industrial markets of North America for over 25 years and in 2000 introduced Super Seal Pro, the number 1 professional leak sealant for all mobile A/C systems, R12/22 to R134a. Super Seal Pro, with over 500,000 fans world-wide, repairs phantom leaks easily and quickly and continues to circulate in the A/C system to protect against future leaks.

Clip light is now using the same proven technology in Classic Super Seal HVACRTM, a specially formulated leak sealant for the HVAC industry. Classic Super Seal HVACRTM, progressively modified and enhanced to suit the A/C industry, repairs cooling, chilling, and refrigeration leaks. From residential to industrial, supermarket to hospital, Classic Super Seal HVACR is the answer to those phantom leaks: it works while on line and no down time.

Super Seal

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