RS-44 Refrigerant

In addition to being the closest match to R-22 on the market, RS-44 is a much cheaper, quality alternative.

R-22 refrigerant, commonly called Freon, has been widely used in AC units since the 1950s. But because of environmental regulations to protect the ozone layer, R-22 is being phased out of production and import. That has made it very expensive for HVAC professionals to buy, and those costs get passed onto you, the homeowner.

RS-44 is the newest replacement for Freon in the USA, and has been widely used throughout Europe for years. It offers nearly identical cooling capacity and requires no system modifications to use. Think of it like changing brands of motor oil.

In addition to being a great performer that’s safe for the environment, RS-44 refrigerant is far less expensive. Mode Comfort & Air Quality is pleased to offer this option to our clients.

Mode Comfort cares about the environment and your bills. Contact us today to help save money on future repairs while protecting the planet.

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