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Carrier is the world leader in high-technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions, with a history of more than 100 years of proven innovation. Carrier solves problems on a global level, and their innovations drive new industries. It is why their products and services are trusted in every corner of the world.

For customers seeking ductless or mini split systems, Mode often recommends Carrier for cost and reliability.

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Mode Comfort Case Study

Home renovation includes two Carrier multi-zone ductless systems. Built in 1900, this 1,960 square foot single-family two-story, three-bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home at 3008 E. Broad Street was almost condemned and demolished in 1979. In 1957, encouraged in large part by Historic Richmond, City Council created a historic district ordinance. This renewed interest in preserving the homes in Church Hill started the revitalization movement in Richmond.

Originally heated with several small fireplaces in each room and no air conditioning, finding a way to add safe, central heating and air to this historically protected home was an extreme challenge. Adding ductwork was out of the question, so Todd Rice, owner of Mode Comfort & Air Quality, proposed a solution consisting of two Carrier MG Series Multi-Zone Ductless systems.

Todd Rice’s expertise in Ductless product and its application led the way to a very successful Carrier Ductless whole-house installation in Richmond’s Historic Church Hill District. A tri-zone with three 9,000 BTU high wall indoor units takes care of the first floor, while a quad-zone with four 9,000 BTU high wall indoor units takes care of the second floor.

Through our affiliation with Carrier, Mode can provide ductless heating & cooling solutions for every room in your home or business.